Princess Cruise Lines: A World Leader in Cruise Travel

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Princess Cruise Lines offers a diverse array of ships, each designed to cater to the unique preferences of its guests. Adorned with the iconic ‘Seawitch’ logo, these ships range from the grandeur of the Grand Class to the intimate charm of the Explorer.

The Grand Class: A Floating Metropolis

The Grand Class fleet comprises six majestic ships, each capable of accommodating over 2,600 passengers. These floating cities boast an extensive list of amenities, including:

Multiple dining options
State-of-the-art fitness centers
Theaters showcasing Broadway-style shows
Luxurious spas

The Sun Class: Pioneers of Flexible Dining

The Sun Class ships introduced a revolutionary approach to dining at sea, allowing more than 1,950 guests the freedom to dine at their leisure. Onboard cultural courses offer a deep dive into the traditions and transitions of maritime life. The international crew is eager to share their heritage with curious passengers.
The Explorer: A Niche in Versatility

The Explorer, the smallest in the fleet, hosts 670 guests and offers a dynamic itinerary that keeps the adventure fresh. Its inclusion in the Carnival Corporation underscores its unique position in the cruise industry.
Award-Winning Excellence and Expanding Horizons

Princess Cruise Lines is a decorated industry leader, having earned accolades such as “Best Cruise Line,” “Cruise Line of the Year,” and “Client’s Favorite.” The company is also recognized for its commitment to environmental safety, medical facilities, seamless website reservations, and exceptional onboard features.

The line’s advertising campaigns highlight over 1,500 excursion options across various ports—a number that continues to grow. This expansion reflects Princess Cruise Lines’ dedication to providing guests with an ever-evolving array of experiences.